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Hardening & Tempering of Annealed Steel Knife Slides

Bristol Heat Treat has a customer that required their knife slides to be hardened and tempered for eventual application in the construction industry. They turned to us because of the expert furnace operators we have on staff, who are highly skilled in both hardening and tempering processes. Working with C1050 annealed steel; we used our continuous belt furnace, carefully monitoring all heating zone temperatures and belt speeds to produce the desired results called for by our customer’s specifications. Once the knife slides were properly hardened, quenched, and had passed Rockwell Hardness Testing (RC 48-52), they were tempered in the same furnace to improve their toughness. The knife slides, which ranged in size from 1” to 2” long, 1” to 2” wide, and ½” high, were visually inspected and left with their heat treatment finish. We now regularly harden and temper up to 70,000 knife slides for our construction industry customer in only three to five days.

If you are fabricating components like knife slides, which will have to survive in difficult environments, you already know that their hardness and durability are often compromised during the manufacturing process. To return their toughness through the proper application of heat treatment and tempering, you need a professional heat treating company, which means you need to contact Bristol Heat Treat.

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hardening & tempering of Knife Slides Project Highlights

Project Name
Knife Slides
Project Description
Hardening & tempering of knife slides to customer specified specifications.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Heat Treatment
Equipment Used to Manufacture Parts
Continuous Belt Furnace (With proper zone temperatures and belt speed)
Individual Part Dimensions
Length: 1-2”
Width: 1-2”
Height: 1-2”
Material Used
C1050 Annealed Steel
Material Finishing
Heat Treatment
In Process Testing / Inspection Performed
Rockwell hardness testing
Visual inspection for distortions
Industry for Use
600 lbs. skid size to approximately 70,000 pieces at a time
Delivery/Turnaround Time
3 to 5 days
Standards Met
Customer specifications
Rockwell Hardness (RC 48-52)
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