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Custom Heat Treatment of Compression Springs

In the manufacture of springs, drawing, forming, and machining generate stresses such as loss of tolerance, distortion, and cracking, all of which can contribute to failure. Among the most common ways to relieve these stresses is heat treating, and at Bristol Heat Treat, this process is a way of life. One of our customers in the defense industry asked us to provide custom heat treatment services for several hundred compression springs to relieve the stresses of manufacturing. Using our heat treatment skills, we placed the springs in a pit furnace at 900°F for one hour, all according to our customer’s specifications. The springs were neatly placed in single layers, and when heat treatment was complete, they were allowed to air cool. Since the 11” long, 1” wide, and 1” high springs required no further finish, they were then re-packaged back into their original boxes. We now heat treat 600 to 700 pounds of these compression springs for our customer in Connecticut, all in only three to five days.

Heat treatment need not be complex, but if it is performed improperly the results can be disastrous. Contact Bristol Heat Treat today to protect the long-term performance of your heat treated parts.

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Custom Heat Treatment of Compression Springs Project Highlights

Project Name
Compression Springs
Project Description
Custom heat treatment of compression springs for stress relief.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Heat Treatment
Equipment Used to Manufacture Parts
Pit Furnace (900°F for 1 hour)
Individual Part Dimensions
Length: 11”
Width: 1”
Height: 1”
Temperature Deviation
±10°F per customer spec
Material Used
Carbon Steel
Industry for Use
600-700 lbs. per week
Delivery/Turnaround Time
3 to 5 days
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer specifications
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