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Custom Heat Treatment Services of Carbon Steel & Nickel Alloys

Custom Heat Treatment Services
Custom Heat Treatment Services

Heat Treatment Services (Click Each Image to Enlarge)
Heat Treatment Services

At Bristol Heat Treat, we provide custom heat treatment services of carbon steel and nickel alloys up to 12” in height and 22” in diameter. Heat treating capabilities include carburizing, case hardening, normalizing, and oil hardening, as well as stress relieving. Through our extensive history working with the spring industry we have developed proven heat treating methods that result in a high degree of repeatability with minimal distortion to the part. Proper heat treatment of springs is as critical to the final material properties as the material selection itself. We understand the needs of the spring industry and have years’ of experience in working specifically with these critical components.

Recently, our experts have also begun working with other industries to provide tool hardening. Choosing the proper hardening technique can significantly increase the life of tooling as well as the quality and precision of the parts produced from the tooling. Testing and verification, including hardness testing, can be arranged as specified. By focusing on our core expertise, we are able to provide customers with premium heat treating services at competitive prices. Lead times are typically very short with most projects being completed in 3-5 days. Local pick-up and delivery adds to customer convenience. Whether production volume requirements are low or in the thousands, all customers are treated with courteous and expedient service. For more information about our custom heat treating services, see the information below, or contact us directly.

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Heat Treatment Project Showcase

Industrial Heat Treatment Capabilities

Hardening Methods Available
Continuous Belt
Quenching Methods Used
Forced Air
Additional Heat Treating Services Offered
Stress Relieving
Materials Used
Carbon Steel
Nickel Alloys
Part Height
12 in.
Part Diameter
22 in.
Production Volume
Low Volume
High Volume
Testing Performed
Hardness Testing
Additional Services
Local Pick Up & Delivery
Typical Lead Times Available
3-5 Days

Additional Information

Industries Served
Spring Industry
Intended Applications
Tool and Die
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